Forcefield Limb Tubes With Dual Straps

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The Forcefield Limb Tube is lightweight, breathable and fully CE approved elbow or knee protection in a tube style sleeve fitted with dual adjustable retaining straps for extra security.

Designed for ease of use and ultimate comfort, the protection is provided by the inserted CE approved Nitrex Evo® armor which can be removed allowing the tube to be washed for prolonged freshness.

As with all Forcefield Body Armor the Limb Tubes have RPT (Repeat Performance Technology) which allows the armor to withstand multiple impacts with no loss of protective performance, keeping you safe time after time.

  • Removable molded CE approved Nitrex Evo® armor
  • Dual detachable retaining straps
  • Machine washable (with armor removed)
  • Vented panels for increased breathability
  • Lightweight
  • RPT (Repeat Performance Technology)
  • Ergonomic design for increased comfort