Astute Skyline VT Pilarga Saddle

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SKYLINE is designed for people that expect the maximum performance from a competition saddle with innovative technical details but that still maintains the basic features of standard toughness. SKYLINE is based on solid Titan-V rail.

With a width of 145mm, the Pilarga offers comfort for riders with wider sit bones. Pilarga specific padding ensures all-round comfort.


  • Microfiber covering: Covering of Future Microfiber,extra-strong yet soft, waterproof, breathable, washable and is in accordance with all Ecolabel requirements
  • Try-Density comfort: Try-Density NES70TM padding system to enhance ergonomycs and comfort; the Memory Foam system guarantees saddle recovery to its original shape
  • Carbon Reinforced Nylon Technology: The inside base is made of Carbon Reinforced Nylon
  • Nylon Soft Touch style: The outside base is made with a special Nylon Fibre Soft Touch
  • Rail Tube: Ø 7mm with graduated scale, made of Titan-V a special new alloy of Titanium and vanadium
  • Weight: 190g (±8%)
  • Size: 275 x 145mm (LxW)