Sidi Epic MTB Shoes

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  • Sidi’s warmer weather outdoor, mountain bike shoe.
  • Features Sidi’s own outdoor sole, The outdoor rubber high performance sole has the correct density for variable trial conditions and has been designed to provide excellent grip and to easily expel mud and debris. 4-holes plate for SPD pedals.
  • Lace with Velcro closure.
  • Large heel loop for fast transitions.
  • External, reinforced heel cup for superior fit and power transfer; won’t break down over time.
  • Great traditional Sidi quality and construction.
  • Mountain Bike Action says "As soon as we pulled on the Epics, it was clear they were among the most comfortable cycling shoes we had ever walked in." And gave them a 4 Star "Delivers Above Average Value and Performance" review.

Customer Reviews

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sidi's with sole(& shoelaces)!

i have a pair of sidi's first 'srs' mtb shoes from 2000. i thought that was just what sidi's needed, a replaceable sole. but i came to realize that a sole that's as minuscule as sidi's are, simply doesn't perform. they have no traction in wet conditions, they're loud on hard flooring, and i find it far too easy to roll your heel. so the fact one can replace them is...irrelevant.
but now we have the sidi 'outdoor' sole, on a shoe with ye olde shoelaces. sure i like the micro ratcheting buckles, but it's a mechanism with moving parts that can fail. then you order another, you the meantime you're a cyclist without functioning footwear. if your laces fail, you get another lace, or paracord, or whatever is laying around, and then you ride...then and there.
and the sole is a true , full sized proper sole. i did remove the velcro strap. i cannot stand velcro. because it fails. cycling footwear needs to be tight, secure. given time, velcro cannot provide tight security. the velcro strap on this shoe is there for reasons i cant surmise. so i removed them, voila! a true shoe!