Ariete Off-Road Trinity Grips

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The Trinity is a highly technical and ergonomic grip.  It is asymmetric and made with 3 different rubber compounds.  The rider undergoes different stresses to the throttle side and the clutch side.  The Trinity grip provides the solution.  3 different compounds are placed in specific areas to optimize grip and durability.  This is the grip for the truly discerning rider.


  • Anti-torsion semi-rigid grip base
  • Palm area in comfortable Supersoft rubber, finger area with specific half-waffle relief
  • Increased flange at the thumb, internally reinforced, covered in soft XTouch
  • Anatomically profiled channel for thumb and forefinger
  • Removable end cap for use with handguards
  • 4 grooves for safety wire for perfect clamping.  The 4th cutout is located at the end of the grip to stop dirt from getting between the grip, throttle tube, and handlebar especially useful when using wrap around handguards
  • Each circular safety wire cutout also has a small rectangular “pocket” to hold the safety wire after trimming
  • Length 125 mm, standard diameters 22-24 mm,