Heart rate monitoring devices need to be one of the most important things we invest in, luckily for all of us there are a great variety of heart rate monitors and for any kind of budget.

Sometimes we start training for our own, maybe following a training we saw on the internet. Maybe asking a friend what they do, or how many miles a week they ride. Then we do the same things, we follow those instructions but we don’t get any better, Why? One of the main reasons is because we don’t train at the correct heart rate for that particular exercise. Attaining the proper intensity zone is vital to achieve performance.

Heart rate devices are the perfect solution for this, we can train or compete with them, check our HR with a very high precision (depends on the quality of the devise) and record them to analyze the information posterior to our training. In addition, some devises can track our velocity, distance, metabolic rate, etc. making our training more efficient and helping us to achieve our goals.

Here are some examples of devises that can help us.


Technology is here and its our duty to adapt and use it in our benefit.


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  • By Sebastian Rebollo
  • Master in physical Activity
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist