It doesn’t matter if you are a professional, semi professional or amateur cyclist, if you want to improve your performance, have a better economy of movement (efficiency), you need to incorporate these exercises into your weekly routine to gain strength and power.

You can start with some basic body weight exercises at the beginning and then start adding weight and change exercises as recommended in the first part of this article…. So, let’s get started!!

Body weight exercises:

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift


Single Leg Squat

single leg squat

Step Ups

step ups

Jump Squat

jump squat

Cycled Split Squat Jump

split squat

30 Yard Sprints


These exercises are going to build the foundation in which we are going to incorporate more complex exercises in the future, so we have to be very conscious to do these exercises with excellent technique. If we do not do the exercises with proper technique, the transfer of force and power are going to be compromised, and could lead to injury.

Now that we have these 6 basics exercises, it's time to know how we are going to use it in our training sessions. I recommend to incorporate 2 power days in our week routine, with one or maximum 2 days between sessions (Monday and Wednesday, Tuesday and Thursday, or Monday and Thursday for example).


The routine will be conformed as fallow:




Recovery between sets

Single leg Romanian Deadlift

3 to 5

8 to 10


Single leg squat

3 to 5

6 to 8

1m 30sec

Step ups *

3 to 5

6 to 8

1m 30sec

Jump squat

3 to 5

6 to 8

1m 30sec

Cycled split squat jump

3 to 5

6 to 8

1m 30sec

30 yd sprint

5 to 8




*The plyo box that you use in the step ups exercise needs to be, at maximum,  the height of the knee.


The first 2 or 3 weeks are going to be used to master the technique and form execution of these exercises, after that we can start adding sets and repetition as the table indicates, but only if we can do the exercises with a proper form.

In the next part of this article, we are going to talk about the progressions of these exercises. Click Here for Part 2



  • By Sebastian Rebollo
  • Master in physical Activity
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist