Nowadays, many shoppers are turning to online sites to order action sport gear items. However, if you are a motocross enthusiast who is looking to purchase a pair of goggles you might have reservations about making an online purchase for such a key riding item because you can’t physically try on the goggles. Well, rest easy because a superior pair of goggles is designed to fit just about any rider comfortably.

Key Features for Motocross Goggles

Here are a few key features that you should look for when picking out a pair of motocross goggles:


  • Ample Ventilation Ports
  • Tear-Off Posts
  • Lens With Anti-Fog Lens
  • Scratch Resistant Lens
  • A Frame to Fit Prescription Glasses


Motocross Goggle Accessories


When purchasing motocross goggles, don’t forget to also buy accessories or order the goggles with certain perks that will make the ride more enjoyable.


  • Tear-Offs: Tear-offs affix to the lens of the goggles. As the they become covered in debris, mud, and dirt, a rider simply reaches up and tears them off to reveal new tear-off. With tear-offs, you never have to worry about stopping your ride to clean your goggles. You will always have the added feature of a clear, unobstructed line of sight. Your goggles should never have more than five or six tear-offs or your vision will become blurry. Many riders opt to pack two or more pairs of goggles for long rides if they feel that they will be going through a considerable number of tear-offs because of adverse track conditions.
  • Roll-Offs: Roll offs are an option to tear-offs but they obstruct your line of vision and you do not get as many layers. Most riders consider tear-offs to be far more superior to roll-offs. However, some riders continue to turn to roll-offs.
  • Replacement Lenses: If your lens becomes scratched you can easily swap it out for a replacement lens so your view is never obstructed. Many riders also opt to carry a pair of clear lenses and a pair of dark lenses so they are prepared for all weather conditions. If it is cloudy then they can pop in a pair of clear lenses and if it is sunny then a pair of dark lenses will help cut down on the glare. Overall, having multiple pairs of lenses in your bag when riding is a necessity that newbie riders often overlook.


When it comes to enjoying the sport of motocross it is imperative you don’t skimp on a pair of goggles. Purchase the best pair that you can afford. Many riders consider goggles the most important must-have action sport gear, but remember that one of the most important perks of any memorable ride is the ability to clearly see and enjoy everything around you. In the long run, your eyes will thank you for investing wisely in a nice pair of motocross goggles.