All cyclists know that the key to a good ride is to be comfortable. In order to attain contentment while biking, you must outfit yourself and your ride with the best cycling accessories that fit your unique needs and budget. Everyone has their own individual riding style and physical form so what might work well for others may not be ideal for you.

The Right Cycling Gear Will Transform a Ride

It is true that your entire ride centers around your bike, but the right gear can make a drab, mediocre day into something phenomenal.  The kind of ride where you become one with your bike and you forget about your gear and your clothing. There is just you, your bike, the wind, and the speed. Everything moves in unison. You aren’t thinking about if your head is hot, whether your hands are sweating, if your clothing is bunching, or if you are uncomfortable. During such a ride, the gear compliments your physique and creates a fluid experience.

What are the Must-Have Cycling Accessories?

Now you are probably wondering what the cycling must-have paraphernalia truly should include. Well, here are just a few cycling accessories to consider purchasing to create a memorable excursion. Obviously, safety is the largest concern so the helmet tops the list of accessories. Sunglasses, gloves, and apparel are also important.


We are all individuals and our heads are different. Just because a bike helmet might look good does not mean it will fit properly. Nobody wants a tight, hot helmet on their head. Ideally, it should have ample air vents to promote air circulation. Air dynamics also help. Most helmets fall into one of three categories, fully vented traditional, aerodynamic, and the newer semi aero design.

  • Fully-Vented: The fully vented models focus on temperature control and air circulation. They are ideal for hot climates. Another perk is that they are lightweight.
  • Aerodynamic: The aerodynamic helmets are sleek but have fewer vents. They are great if you are a racer.
  • Semi Aereo:  The new semi Aereo is a nice combination of the traditional vented helmet and the aerodynamic style.

Sunglasses For Bike Ride Safety

Sunglasses protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays and make it easier to see. They also help form a barrier between your eyes and any road debris that might be kicked up. They need to feel good and also stay on your face during the entire ride. There is nothing more annoying than a pair of sunglasses that continuously slip down your nose. You should also make sure that they don’t fog over. Many top sunglass manufacturers also offer their glasses with prescription lenses. Basically, when picking out a pair of sunglasses you should look for coverage, clarity, and comfort. Many also resist dirt and oil buildup.

It’s all About the Handgrip on the Handlebars

Cycling gloves must provide you with an optimum grip on the handlebars in order to control the bike. Your hands can become sweaty and start to slip without gloves. If you lose control of the handlebars then you lose control of the bike. The gloves can protect your hands from cuts and abrasions.

  • Fit: When picking a pair of biking gloves it is all about the fit. The gloves should fit snug but not be uncomfortable or cut off your circulation.
  • Padding: The palm should have some form of padding. Nowadays, many gloves feature glove insert that is often removable.
  • Closure: Velcro closures make securing the gloves on your hands and wrists easy.
  • Snot Patch: A snot patch is a nice feature to have to wipe away a dripping nose or sweat.
  • Grip: The grip should be firm and not slip when you wrap your hands around the handlebars.

Cycling Shoes

It is true that you can bike in just about any pair of shoes but ones that are specifically designed for cycling can make all the difference in the world. Bike shoes have a firm sole that allows you to effortlessly transfer your force to the pedals. Good ventilation and lightweight are two other features to take into consideration when picking the best pair. Many brands have specific pedal capabilities.

Biking Apparel Is a Necessity

Biking apparel has been designed to be seamless in the crotch which can create a more enjoyable ride. They also have padding in the bum which is an added bonus for most riders. The fabric needs to move with you and not bunch up. Remember to always pick apparel that is designed specifically for your climate.

With the best cycling accessories, your ride can transform from difficult to delightful so you can let yourself enjoy every mile of the trek.