When it comes to motocross gear, only the best action sport accessories will do when you hit the dirt. If you are a newbie to the sport then you are probably wondering gear is exactly essential. If you have the bike then it's time to start outfitting so you can hit the track.

Must-Have Motocross Gear

The key to having a safe, fun ride is to make sure that you have the correct MOTO riding gear.  Outfitting up does not have to break the bank but you will want to make sure that what you choose will last and hold up to the rigors of the sport.

Here are the must-have action sport accessories for all motocross enthusiasts:


  1. Boots: Even if you aren’t a professional motocross rider it still pays to buy the best boots that you can afford. Your feet and lower legs take a beating when riding so you are going to want the optimum foot and heel protection. You will want boots that provide strong lateral support with glide plates for your shins. Foot support is also a nice feature. Heat resistance offers additional protection. One of the key features you will want to look for in good boots is heel shock resistance. MOTO sports enthusiasts use their heels a lot during the sport so the boots need to hold up. Whichever boots you opt to purchase need to have a firm closure system to lock them in place so they can protect your feet and lower legs during a crash.
  2. Goggles: If you are riding with others or enjoying a solo experience you will still need top of the line goggles to protect your eyes. You should never ride with no protection or using only sunglasses. Off-road riding kicks up dirt, debris, and rocks that can easily damage or blind you. You should choose goggles that are anti-glare and anti-scratch. Tear-offs are also a nice added feature.
  3. Knee Brace: Any rider knows the importance of protecting their knees against a possible knee injury. A top-of-the-line pair of knee braces provides the support your knees require. During a crash, knee braces prevent your legs from twisting, turning, and breaking. They are truly one of the essential safety items you can purchase outside of the basics such as a helmet. Whichever brand of knee braces that you choose to buy should feature adjustments so you can make sure that they fit the size and length of your legs correctly.
  4. Neck Brace: Neck braces have become a common sight on riders. The protection they offer is an added peace of mind. They are an extremely affordable item that offers excellent protection against spinal cord injuries. Ideally, the neck brace should feature a wide array of adjustments so you can tailor it for a perfect fit. If a rider is young, the adjustments also help the neck brace fit as the youngster goes through a variety of possible growth spurts
  5. Body Armor: In recent years, high-tech body armor has become a favored item for most riders. It effectively helps protect your internal organs and spine from possible injury if you wipe out. Even if you don’t want to wear heavy duty chest armor, a lightweight model still affords you some protection. Good body armor has adequate ventilation so you don’t overheat while riding.


The above action sport accessories are a good investment for any motocross rider who wants to stay safe and experience a comfortable ride.