As the heat of summer hits, it is time to pick out cycling accessories for hot weather. When you speed along on your bike you automatically create an air current that cools your body and creates relief. However, you can still suffer from dehydration, heat exhaustion, sunburn, and other temperature control problems. There are a few things that you might want to invest in to protect yourself from the temperature extremes so you can concentrate on your ride.

Dangers of Heat Exhaustion

When you ride in the summertime heat it is not uncommon to start experiencing heat exhaustion as a result of decreased blood pressure and volume. This occurs as a direct result of electrolyte and vital fluid loss that occurs from sweat.

If the heat starts to get to you then you could start to sweat profusely while experiencing dizziness and nausea. When this occurs it is imperative that you stop cycling and find a way to cool off.


Must-Have Summer Cycling Gear

To avoid such dire consequences you might want to invest in a few cycling accessories.


  • Cycling Hydration Pack: With a cycling hydration pack water is at your disposal while you ride without ever having to dismount. You can choose a variety of styles and shapes to fit various body types. The hydration pack can be stocked with a hydration mix for an even greater electrolyte boost. Hydration mixtures replenish everything that your body loses during a hard summertime ride.
  • Summer Cycling Jersey: A summer cycling jersey is designed to let air flow around your body and wick away sweat. Most have a variety of mesh panels to let air in and out. However, remember that the mesh panels can expose your skin to the sun’s UV rays so be sure to wear a sunscreen to prevent sunburn.
  • Ventilated Helmet: A ventilated helmet promotes airflow around your head to cool you off while keeping you safe.
  • Cooling Vests: Cooling vests are worn by cyclists around the world in regions that often experience heat in excess of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If the vest is effectively cooled for one hour prior to use then it will lower your core temperature. Keeping your core cool helps improve your cycling performance.
  • Sunglasses: Eyes are often overlooked by riders but they are every bit as important as the rest of the body. A good pair of sunglasses will effectively block harmful UV rays. The glasses also protect the delicate skin around your eyes to prevent premature aging. Squinting in bright light brings on eye fatigue and headaches so it is imperative that you invest in a pair of riding sunglasses that are comfortable and practical.
  • Arm Coolers: Arm coolers are a relatively new cycling accessory. They are lightweight and provide superb UV protection. Most are made of compression fabric that has a variety of mesh materials to reduce wind drag while protecting hour forearms and keeping them cool.


Planning for summer riding means investing in the correct cycling accessories to keep you safe and make your outing enjoyable.