Summer is right around the corner and you are probably getting ready to shop for your action sporting gear for mountain biking season. The question is, what is the most important gear to purchase before you head into the backcountry? Well, that is a difficult question because there are gear essentials and then there are extras that are just nice perks to your ride. 

Mountain Biking Items to Splurge On

Here are a few items that you might want to consider purchasing before you hit the trail. They are not necessities like a helmet but they will definitely make your ride easier.


  • Water Bottle and Cage: If you are on a long ride then you want to stay hydrated so you should not overlook the importance of such as simple item as a water bottle. Ideally, for long rides, you will want to invest in a complete hydration pack so there is no doubt that you will have sufficient water for the day. However, if you are a mountain biking newbie and you don’t plan on riding hard all day then a simple water bottle might be perfect for you. You should opt for a few chill bottles to keep your drink cool and a cage that allows you access to the bottle from either side of your bike.
  • Fix Kit: Even if your ride is new there is no guarantee that you won’t experience a flat. If you don’t want to spend your time pushing your bike back to the car then you will want to pack a small fix kit to repair any flats that might occur while you are out on the trail. You’ll have a spare tube and air pump to quickly do a change out on the trail.
  • Clipless Pedals: The idea for clipless pedals sprang from skis but they have taken the biking world by craze. The clipless pedals provide a fantastic foot and pedal connection that creates real synergy. They are also safe because they provide quick and effortless foot entry and release. Clipless pedals boost your pedaling capacity and provide comfort.
  • Clipless Shoes: Unfortunately, if you opt to order clipless pedals then you will need a pair of clipless shoes. Most clipless shoes look like a typical sports shoe but they are a bit stiffer for easier pedaling. The shoe design helps keep your foot in the right place on the pedal which reduces the likelihood of developing knee pain or other physical issues.
  • Dropper Post: The dropper post can be adjusted to hold your seat in the optimum position during your ride but if the trail gets tough and you need to maneuver then the seat can easily be pushed back five or six inches to give you the space you need. Dropper posts tend to carry a high price tag but they are a great investment if you are truly serious about mountain biking.


When choosing action sporting gear for mountain biking it is okay to splurge on items that are not essential but will make your ride not only easier but more enjoyable.