With the arrival of spring, it is time to hit the trails and explore everything that the back country has to offer. There is no better way to experience nature than mountain biking. A mountain bike takes you places you never dreamed. You will feel the wind in your face and exhilaration of conquering an extreme single track through rugged forest land. However, one of the key components of any memorable riding trip is making sure that you have the correct action sport gear.

Here is a list of the must-have riding accessories that you should outfit yourself with before you hit the trail.


  1. Hydration Pack: Never underestimate your body’s need for fluids when you are working hard on the back of a bike. You will normally encounter two types of common hydration packs: 70 to 100 oz. versions or those that carry more than 100 oz. If you are heading into the mountains then you are going to need the larger size. The bigger model also has additional space so you can carry more gear than just liquid.
  2. Spare Tube and Tire Accessories: Years ago it seemed like spare tubes would last forever but nowadays it is wise to carry an extra one with you. This is especially true of you will be biking across a hardcore trail that features rocks, limbs, shale, and other items that can damage a tire.  Also, don’t forget the tire lever to change the tire. It will make changing the damaged tire a breeze.  A CO2 cartridge should also be part of your tire gear. Mini pumps with a pressure gauge are also nice to carry. You can find a small, lightweight model that should suit your sports gear pack.
  3. Powerlink: A broken chain is no fun but with the new powerlinks, you can quickly hook a chain back together. You can remove the bad link and reconnect within minutes. It is a true lifesaver.
  4. Multitool: A multitool is small and indispensable on the trail. You can fix virtually everything with one. There is a wide assortment available that provide you with numerous tool choices.
  5. Shock Pump: The key to a smooth ride is your shocks. Your bike is going to take a beating on the trail so carrying a shock pump is not a bad idea because it lets you quickly air up your shocks and continue riding. Many bikers consider a shock pump an optional feature but if you are hitting the trails hard and covering some rugged terrain then it's a good idea to have one.
  6. Weather-proof Gloves: Weather is unpredictable, especially in the spring and fall months. Ideally, you should always pack a pair of weather-proof gloves to keep your hands warm so you can continue to have the dexterity required to adequately handle your bike.
  7. Wind Jacket:  A wind jacket is breathable and waterproof. It lets you stay cool or protects you from cold winds. Rainwear is important, especially if you will be biking during the spring months when an unexpected shower is bound to occur.
  8. Skullcap: If you are racing or riding hard then air can seep into your helmet. A skullcap provides your head with additional protection against wind gusts.
  9. Padded Shorts or Pants: It is imperative that you wear a pair of biking shorts or pants that are well-padded in the rump. They will keep you from getting saddle sore so you can continue to ride for hours comfortably.
  10. First Aid Kit: Accidents happen and having a first aid kit readily available can be a real lifesaver. Many first aid kits are designed to attach to your bike and take up very little space.


Having the right action sport gear can make a biking adventure enjoyable and less fraught with problems.